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About Us

A reliable, responsible service.

We collaborate with UK firms, employing a cooperative strategy to fulfill the requirements of their clientele through a reliable logistical service. Our operational framework and principles are supported by accredited standards, providing essential guidance on secure transitions within the UK and Europe, along with a consultative method to tackle the intricate demands of our clients.

High Security Specialists

ITAD Express excels in handling large-scale, high-security, and high-risk relocations. Our high risk division boasts an extensive on-road and on-site workforce with extensive experience managing some of the UK’s most challenging disposal projects. We recognize the importance of partnering with a capable ally who can effectively mitigate risks such as financial losses and environmental impacts, while also offering expert guidance on navigating complex logistical hurdles.
At every phase of the relocation process, our team leverages their wealth of expertise, from initial consultations to project management and comprehensive reporting. Each member of the ITAD Express crew undergoes rigorous security clearance procedures and is adept at swiftly addressing any needs or challenges that arise during delivery, ensuring timely fulfillment of requirements.

Clear and secure direct delivery from point A to point B

At ITAD Express, we prioritize transparent and secure point-to-point delivery. Our operational philosophy revolves around a systems thinking approach, considering the requirements of all stakeholders throughout the supply chain. ITAD Express is dedicated to upholding standards of practice that effectively address environmental, security, and health and safety concerns.
Supported by our partners, who hold four core ISO standards accredited by the British Assessment Bureau, our robust business framework is meticulously designed to provide our clients with auditable processes. This ensures traceability from service initiation to completion, allowing us to monitor both our clients’ environmental footprint and our overall business impact. Through this approach, we consistently deliver dependable, high-quality, and secure services.


At ITAD Express, we recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and have taken proactive steps to become a greener business. Through the implementation of energy-saving measures, such as optimizing our transportation routes and reducing paper consumption through digitalization, we are minimizing our carbon footprint. Additionally, we have invested in eco-friendly technologies and practices throughout our operations, including the responsible disposal and recycling of electronic waste. By continuously evaluating and improving our sustainability efforts, we strive to set an example in the industry and contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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